Amanda (alienfirst) wrote in eatshootleaf,


Oh dear, it's been awhile. But... I graduated! I officially have a BFA in my hot little hands (seriously, it finally came in the mail). To celebrate... here's some art? I'm afraid I've been cheating on this blog and using Tumblr quite a bit, so I'm not quite sure what I've posted here and what I haven't.

Also, I cleaned up the file system of my webspace, so if any images are broken in previous entries that you may come across, please let me know so I can fix them!

My human-form Dragonair character, Tempest. Tempest is for a group on deviantArt that I really need to interact with more.

Character sketches for a commission.

The new My Little Pony cartoon is actually pretty good. It's cute and silly, which is always a good combination with me. Here's a human version of Princess Luna.

Ah, Homestuck. What would I do without you? Probably not be CONFUSED AS HELL. Oh well, neat character designs.

Not very many for today. I do have more ready to share, but I'll hold off so I can have a sort of buffer that should ensure that I stop forgetting to post.
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