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Final stretch for fall semester guys! I am super busy and need to be in bed right now, but let's take a brief break from schoolwork, shall we?

NOTE: It's not TECHNICALLY NSFW, but there's a few unfinished sketches where I didn't get to the clothes yet. Just a heads up. Nothing showing, but man, I get asked a lot why there aren't clothes on someone yet. Seriously people, draw the FIGURE FIRST.

I haven't decided whether Cleo's a great shot or a horrible shot yet. Of course, she'd have to be decent enough to be ALLOWED a gun. Her problem, FOR SURE, is that she likes shoving it in peoples faces a little too much.

She does love having one though.

Cleo is a much more dramatized, outspoken, and smarter version of me, so she has a lot of my traits. Our reaction to the morning is quite the same.

Oh look, a comic. Cleo and Roy. Cleo is fairly uninterested in crimes that aren't (a) extremely gory, or (b) have multiple victims.

Cleo with Carrie, the guy character I made up to shove her with. He has issues. And she really pushes his sanity limit by coming on to him ALL THE TIME.

Cleo with... some guy. I dunno. When I'm trying to be completely original, Cleo goes with Carrie, when I'm being fangirl-y, Cleo has a couple guys I stick her with instead (depends which fandom I'm liking). It could go either way.

Hell, let's vote: Carrie or guy from TV show I'm currently shipping her with?

Plethora of school related items to come later. I'm going to be a busy little bee until December 17th.

OH WAIT! Christmas picture! Who should I feature: Cleo, Altra, or Samantha?
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