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Man, does minako134 even check deviantArt or Twitter anymore? *is sad*

Anyway, have some art.

Finished commission for minako134.

Actual size shots of aforementioned commission! I am sad, this could've been so much better. :/

Sketch of a Pokemon gijinka belonging to Bribble.

My boyfriend was lamenting how long his hair had gotten.

I think I posted the first iteration of this before. I have an updated version now, but it's still not done.

And I'm pretty sure I posted the first iteration of this assignment as well. I redid this, like, four times. That class was not fun.

Oh look, more axolotls.

Game team sketches....

These cave thumbnails and the rest of these below were for on of my concept art classes. Tried to deviate from my normal drawing styles.

And that, my friends, is the end of my backlog. I'll try and update daily, as I'd really like to at least finish a sketch of SOMETHING every day so I don't feel like a lump on a log. I have two roleplay groups I'm in that need some dire art attention!
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