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Lots more stuff for game team. I'll post some non-game stuff later.

Initial team logo for me and my game peoples. We have a new one now, I just don't have it uploaded.

Logo ideas for the two main "families" of our game.

First final round. These were good, but not solid.

Thought about using the logos as a life bar on her back. This was scrapped. Wasn't very readable.

UI mockup designs. All of these will be scrapped and redesigned. Game name also changed.

Enemy ideas. Looking for an art deco/streamline style.

New game logo concepts. Bottom is our final.

And I drew myself as a cat.

Long post is long. STILL have other things I could've included. It's been awesome to be drawing more instead of 3D stuff. And yeah, I've been hitting the digital art heavy lately. It's much faster to change issues in a piece in Photoshop than with a pencil and eraser. Sad but true.
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